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I'm Elena aka LenaI'm open, communicative and a little crazy. I love to laugh and enjoy life.  I live  for  my job  and give  Workshops in photography, video and design.  in my free time  me  projects  and  dedicate  me together with my team of wedding photography and videography.  I am in love  Music and good food - I fly with my husband as often as possible  to Ibiza and enjoy  travel in general.

I am happy  every time to get to know the most different people and to capture one of the most important moments in your life with my pictures.  Every wedding is individual - just like the people themselves.  

If you like our style, then let's find out if the sympathy fits! We can get to know each other over a cup of tea or coffee and talk about your wedding.  Because that is important and is the basis for our photos & videos. So don't hesitate to write to us and tell us more about you!


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Hi,  I am Sali  - a photographer and videographer. Together with Lena or Olga we form a photo and video team.  I'm a curious character  who likes to ask questions to learn more about the things that make me  fascinate


I love travelling, the great outdoors and cooking. I love destination weddings and have had many  weddings  in Europe,  Cameroon or Canada accompanied.  I enjoy that  creative process of designing aesthetic images.

I like to capture images that are relaxed and natural, rather than staged  to appear. I love motivating people and getting the best out of themselves! This creates particularly funny moments in our wedding videos.  I follow my instinct to create a timeless and fresh look  to achieve.

Hi,  I'm Olga I am the second photographer in Team Lena Usenko. I believe that photography is a form of communication and not just recording moments in life. For me, photographing people involves more than just good lighting, a great camera or an interesting place.

It is a mutual exchange of energy. I especially love to travel and take pictures in new places. I appreciate the people I meet and the moments we share.

I like the artistic freedom that photography gives me. the  Capturing the beauty, grace and enthusiasm of people and theirs  to tell story.   

We accompany your wedding either as a couple or separately and in parallel. This gives us the opportunity to be completely flexible and always have a substitute photographer.

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